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 Speed HitsTraffic Exchange : 2021-04-17


Speed Hits Traffic Exchange Satisfaction

Speed Hits Traffic Exchange

Welcome to Speed Hits 1:1 ratio traffic exchange, With both the manual surf and auto surf. Get unique website visitors to your pages with a safe and continuous surf bar. Gain free website traffic hits by joining with active daily surfers, who will help send your website higher in the traffic rankings and viewing what you have to offer.

Free Traffic Hits For Members

There are active contests available to members, those who participate have the opportunity to gain a tonne of free traffic hits, credits and cash. The top 20 members in either the autosurf or manual traffic exchange contests and referral contests win traffic credits which can then be added to listed websites for promotion. Gain free traffic hits with Speed Hits through banner advertising, text link advertising, the manual traffic exchange and autosurf exchange.

Traffic Exchange Benefits

We take pride in providing the best traffic exchange website, with consistent monitoring of members websites for the expectation of stable surf bar and experience with the potential for return visits outside the traffic exchange by members. Join us and claim your 5000 credit bonus today.

Traffic Exchange Speed Hits Sign Up

Speed Hits For Website Traffic

Free Membership, 1:1 Surf Ratio 15 Sec Timer, Best Traffic Exchange Rewards, 5000 Autosurf Credits On Sign Up, 500 Manual Exchange Traffic Credits On Sign Up And 10000 Banner Ad Impressions On Sign Up, 10000 Ad Text Link Impressions On Sign Up, Bonus Credits Guaranteed, Unique Visitors.

Gain 100 free credits with every 100 websites surfed, by clicking the "Add To Your Account" link on the traffic exchange surf bar!

Speed Hits Member Referrals

Referring new members to Speed Hits with your unique member URL provided or sharing the referral banners and earning 20% from website hits generated while they actively surf the traffic exchange.

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