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 Speed HitsTraffic Exchange : 2021-04-17


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Terms Of Service

Through your use of Speed-Hits Traffic Exchange, PTC Advertising and Banner Advertising, you agree that you will not add any sites which are abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, shows adult or pornographic material, or otherwise in violation of any international laws.

You have the ability, as you register, to choose your username, we also advise that you keep the name appropriate.

For your protection and for validity reasons you agree to never give your password out. You also agree to never use another person's account for any reason.

We also highly recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account, to prevent any account theft. You also agree to receive newsletters from us from time to time.

No more than one account. Any more than one account will result in users being banned from the exchange.

Websites are authorized by administrators.

Websites must not contain any popups.

Websites must not break out of frame.

Websites must not contain any adult content.

Do not attempt to cheat, or steal other member's account.

Your site must not attempt to automatically download files.

NO sites are allowed with offensive language.

Removal of any Google advertising to protect your Adsense account.

NO sites are allowed that freeze the browser window or stop the timer.

Your site cannot launch any JavaScript alert/popup that requires user input to allow surfing to continue.

Frequent abuse will result in deactivation of all your websites within rotation and termination of your account.

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